A Budget Friendly Approach To Increasing Your Business?

With the cost of direct mail being sky high, we offer an oasis to the small business owner interested in advertising through direct mail.

Unlike so many intangible forms of advertising that cost a load of money, and ‘Pie in the sky’ response rates, Summit City Advertising offers a tangible, low cost alternative that absolutely screams for customer response.

We offer the Coupon Crazer – a direct mail cooperative to increase your buying power & exposure.

The Coupon Crazer is a 9″ x 12″ postcard, printed on 14pt thick cardstock, glossed on both sides. It is as thick as a common business card, glossed for appeal, and provides a long shelf life for the advertiser since it’s not just a flimsy piece of paper or newsprint that looks worthless.

At 9″ x 12″, this postcard will overpower the mailboxes of your recipients, commanding attention from the recipient of it – whether they want to notice it or not due to it’s large size.

While no direct mail campaign in existence is ‘garbage proof’, Coupon Crazer has a high exposure level since it’s vibrant in color and design.

Plus, it is sent as a giant postcard, it’s already opened & visible. This increases exposure compared to other local direct mail & coupon offers you may find that arrive stuffed in an envelope which are often immediately discarded as junk mail before ever being opened. Since the Coupon Crazer is already opened, it provides ‘forced exposure‘ to the recipient who picks it up from their mailbox – even if they don’t want to see what it says!

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Each new release of the Coupon Crazer will provide a competition free environment with exclusive representation for your specialty with no direct competitors. As an example, if you own a pizza parlor, you will be the only one advertised on that particular release of the postcard – which is not the case with all coupon cooperatives in the area. There may be other restaurants, but none other for your specialty.

With only seventeen ad slots on the Coupon Crazer, your ad will not get lost in the sea of other offers available from your competitors & other businesses. With only two sides (a front & a back) to look at, you don’t have to worry about people digging through ad after ad to find your offer, or finding your competitors offers first.

The Coupon Crazer is designed in a way that expands your geographic exposure by spreading the mailing out to select neighborhood routes with medium to high property values over seven total zip codes in four separate zones, including:

Zone 1: 4608, 46818
Zone 2: 46845, 46825
Zone 3: 46835
Zone 4: 46805, 46815

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At present, the Coupon Crazer has a reach of just over 10,000 mailboxes spread through these separate mailing zones, in Northern Fort Wayne. Since the average household in Fort Wayne has 2.4 people living per household, you have a potential audience of 24,000 for your offer.

To send a single 9″ x 12″ piece of 1st Class Mail through the United States Post Office is presently 90¢. If it were to cost you 25¢ to print the 9″ x 12″ postcard, it would cost you a total of $1.15 to mail each piece – not to mention that many people purchase a mailing list to send the pieces to. If you were to send such a campaign to 10,000 mailboxes, you would be spending around $11,500 per campaign – which is way beyond the budget for most small businesses. But with Coupon Crazer your cost is FAR FAR better.

Your meager investment with the Coupon Crazer is as follows and costs only a fraction of the cost of the above example:

1st time customers can purchase their trial offer(s) at just $299 per ad slot, which equates to just under 3¢ per piece mailed. Click Here To Place Your Ad Now

The normal rate asked for return customers is only $399 per ad slot, or just under 4¢ per piece mailed. Click Here To Place Your Ad Now

Ad slots are 3.5″ wide x 2.5″ tall, with the option to purchase a 2nd slot connected next to each other, or connected on top of each other, or even completely disconnected & separate from each other (for advertising separate companies etc) for a $50 discount per slot.

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As with all forms of marketing, there is no way to guarantee a specific response rate, however, to show how many sales might possibly be produced, below are some examples:

10,000 x 0.5% response rate = 50 new sales
10,000 x 1% response rate = 100 new sales
10,000 x 2% response rate = 100 new sales
10,000 x 3% response rate = 300 new sales

Could you handle that many new sales?

Keep in mind that the better the offer, the more likely you are to have a high response rate.

Ad slots are limited – so don’t delay in placing your order. Simply click here now to reserve your spot on the next release of the Coupon Crazer.

Please feel free to visit the ‘Contact’ page with any question you may have, or call at the number below.

Thank you for your interest in Coupon Crazer – I’m looking forward to helping you with your offer!

Randall Kowalenko
Summit City Advertising

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