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Not All Hosting Is Created Equal

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There are seemingly endless hosting services out there, so why did I switch to Host Gator several years back?

That’s what this short article was written to clarify, so hopefully you will make the right decision the first time. The decision to host with

Service Speaks Volumes..

Have you ever had bad service, or unmotivated staff helping you when you went out to eat recently? Let’s take it a step further, and ask if you have had a negative experience with a financial company that has your money locked up in mutual funds, which have contracts in place preventing you from moving your money without a penalty? Finally, how many times have you had to go to a license bureau, or other government office that has inconsiderate, uncaring, or even resentful employees that you are required to work with for assistance?

Clearly, these situations stir emotions of distaste to many of us. That’s not to say all of the above institutions are always bad, but it seems that when an organization gets a little power, they sometimes feel they can treat you more like a subject than a client. I know it’s happened to me. And unfortunately, many web designers, and web hosting companies act the same way too.

Got Digital Handcuffs?

Many of us have heard the term ‘Golden Handcuffs’, which often refers to financial incentives that keep employees from leaving in spite of their dissatisfaction with their job.

But have you heard of ‘Digital Handcuffs’ before? Likely not. It is the term I use to describe web designers, and web hosting firms that feel they can treat you poorly because they have control over your website. In a sense, some firms attempt to take your website hostage, which makes them feel entitled to treat you like garbage since they know they have you in a vulnerable position.

I’ve experienced bad service before, and greedy web hosting companies too. Furthermore, I’ve seen first hand the misfortune of my clients who I’ve designed websites for dealing with these scrupulous companies.

Not only do many fly-by-night hosting services offer terrible service, but usually at an abnormally high prices that sometimes reach rip-off levels. That’s something you won’t find at Host Gator!

2-Select Your PlanThe Big 3 No-No’s…

There are plenty of other considerations when it comes to choosing a credible hosting solution, and three of them should be not dealing with companies that are:

  • Dishonestly Expensive Service
  • Hostage Like Control Of Your Technology
  • Terrible Service When You Need Help

There are other considerations as well, such as slow load times, excessive down time due to server crashes, and lack of telephone support, but these are secondary to the big 3 mentioned.

What’s The Solution?

If you’ve taken the time to read this short post, you likely are looking for a company that is honest, helpful, with strong support 24×7. I know those are my needs. Thankfully, the host I’m committed to feels the same way too!

Host Gator’s Got You Covered!

Yes – HostGator is super popular, and has plenty of good reviews and raving clients (aka – Me). They have an enormous client base of small business owners too. And it’s because they offer the best of all worlds: Price, service, high up time, fast load speeds, educated and available staff available by phone 24×7, and even a cool mascot!

If you’ve ever considered starting a website, there’s no time like the present to get started, and why not start off with the best hosting service on the planet the first time so you don’t have to redo it later like I did?

Simply click on the banner below to become a proud HostGator member today like I did – you won’t be sorry!

Enjoy the luxury of web hosting the easy way – join today!

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Kindest regards,
Randall Kowalenko
Owner, Summit City Advertising

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